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Shoot Messages across the room to your Crush! New System by Moleskine!

Moleskine has created its own SMS called, The Moleskine Shooting Message System in order to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

If you are a fan of old school style messaging, you will love it. Once it was a cool thing in school to write messages on small papers and pass it on to your crush via help of friends.

This is can be considered a faster delivery of those old school style.

Moleskine suggests shooting a message using the notebook band as a makeshift slingshot. The system is designed by Pietro Corraini and features a classic Moleskine notebook.

Give it a try and shoot messages across the room! Messages like “I Love You” and “Call Me” are preset for you to shoot with no hassle.

The pack is available to purchase in the Moleskine Store in Mile as part of Milan Design Week. 

Check out the video for a quick demo:

Source: PDFK

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Important Information about Heartbleed Bug

Dear Customers,

Earlier this week, a security flaw known as Heartbleed was published that affects approximately two-thirds of all websites that use SSL encryption. This issue greatly impacts ecommerce websites because every online store that accepts credit cards must use SSL encryption. Here with this announcement we would like to stress that our customers using our online store are safe from Heartbleed.

What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed affects SSL, the security technology that is used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. You know when you’re browsing a site using SSL when you see “https://” and the lock icon in your web browser. Heartbleed is a serious security bug that is present in the popular OpenSSL library that is used by many web servers to provide SSL security.

The Heartbleed issue could allow an attacker to access private memory on a web server. That memory could contain user passwords, credit card numbers, private security keys, or other such information.

This is a major security problem that affected, and continues to affect, millions of websites that use SSL.

How Did Heartbleed Affect Go for Cheaper?

During the middle of day on April 7th, the Heartbleed issue became widely disclosed. Our platform provider, Shopify, network security and operations team immediately set to work to protect our hosting infrastructure. By 7:00 p.m. they had rolled out a fix across core infrastructure, and by midnight all secondary systems had been secured.

Because of the rapid response of the operations team (faster than Google and Yahoo, for example) we haven’t detected any sensitive data being compromised. 

What About Other Ecommerce Systems?

Heartbleed affects millions of ecommerce websites. To determine if your ecommerce website is vulnerable to the issue, you can use the following tool: Heartbleed Test.

If your site is found to be vulnerable, please contact your hosting provider or network administrator immediately and ask them to upgrade their OpenSSL implementation. They will also need to cycle your ecommerce site’s SSL keys and certificates (and revoke your old ones, if possible). You should then also update any passwords, including your payment gateway credentials.

It’s important to fix this issue as soon as possible as there are already reports of this vulnerability being abused.

Is It Still Safe To Shop Online?

Because of all the publicity surrounding Heartbleed, one would assume that the majority of ecommerce sites will soon be secured against the issue. 

Meanwhile we do suggest the Chromebleed Checker extension for the Google Chrome web browser, as it will warn you if any website you enter your credit card details on is vulnerable to Heartbleed.

You can learn more about Heartbleed here.

We are thankful to Shopify Support Team for providing us the information above

Go for Cheaper Customer Service

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Why would someone need a Moleskine Evernote or Whitelines Smart Notebooks?

We often receives question from our followers when we emphasize on the flexibility of a smart notebook, though it is still not clearly understood by everyone, so today we will try to make that issue clear here.

So why would someone use a smart notebook? Though first what is a smart notebook. Smart Notebooks are the first notebooks that specifically designed for users who would like to digitize their work or get a digitized version of their handwritten notes. 

There are couple of brands in this category though we think Moleskine Evernote and Whitelines Link are the best. For instance Evernote's camera does not simply take a photo of your work, though it optimizes it and sycns it with your Evernote account, so you can upload it to your cloud drive, or share it seamlessly with your friends and so on.

If you search on Twitter today, you will see that there are many artists and sketchers who share their work with their followers, though we see that most of them simply take a photo with their mobile smart phones and then share it using Twitter or Instagram apps. That is fine, though the problem is when you take a photo it is quite possible that you cannot adjust the size and distance of the photo and you cannot get the same quality photo every time you want to share your work. The mobile apps you will use with a smart notebooks will solve this problem.


The other time consuming thing is that if you want to share your work on all of your social media accounts, you will either share it on each of your accounts separately or you will use Instagram to also share it  both on Twitter and Facebook. That is what most people do, however in order to do that you may first have to save the photo to your smart phone and after a while you will be eating a lot of your smartphone's hard drive and it will function slower in time and so after a while you will end up deleting those photos or transferring them to your hard/cloud drive. This takes time.

Why all the hassle? You can however simply save it your cloud drive and share your work on of your social media accounts in an instant, with the help of your smart notebooks of course.

Whitelines Link is great for sketching purpose, since the lines on the pages disappear when you save them with the app. So you can get some help from  lines on the paper and do your sketching easily. Moleskine has also recently announced a new Evernote Sketchbook for that purpose.

Moleskine Evernote also comes with stickers, you can use those stickers to 'auto-tag' your work and that will make the mobile app understand you want to save your work in different folders/categories. 

Smart notebooks  may seem expensive at the first glance, though Moleskine Evernote Notebooks come with 3 months free Evernote membership, so you will not have to pay an additional fee to use Evernote's great features. Three months is a long time  for an active note taker or an artist, you will have a plenty of space and time to fill your notebooks. We love it and use it all the time.

You do not have to be an artist to use a smart notebook, you can save your handwritten notes in different folders as well. Options are endless, though we human beings are pretty cautious towards new things and it takes time for people to discover.

We hope this will give some insight on Moleskine Evernote and Whitelines notebooks, please remember you can find both brands on Go for Cheaper at great prices!


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Free Worldwide Shipping

This will make happy especially our customers in Europe!

We have been receiving a lot of requests from overseas, so we could not wait no more. We are proud to introduce Free Worldwide Shipping.

So everyone can Go for Cheaper!

Check our site regularly for great deals and amazing prices!



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Moleskine Announced New Items for More Intense Art: Art Plus

Moleskine has announced its latest collection, Art Plus. The collection is offering us 25 different notebooks to choose from. It looks like we will spend longer hours with sketching and writing on these new lovely notebooks.

Notebooks in the collection are specifically classified according to the paper weight and absorbency. Most of the items in the collection have actually been there but they are now rebranded in order to emphasize the increased quality. In this post we will have a closer look to the collection. Let's see what is new!

Sketch Album

We are all fan of Moleskine Sketchbooks and Moleskine wanted to give us an option to frame easily our sketches with this new Sketch Album. There are 88 detachable pages. We can now frame and share our sketches easily than ever. The notebooks designed with a squared format and this allow our images to be Instagram-Ready! No cropping required at all!

Sketchbook and Japanese Album are now rebranded featuring paper that is pigmented directly in the pulp to guarantee color stability and resistance.

Watercolor Album

Moleskine has not forgot those who work with wetter materials of course! The new Watercolor album contains cotton and that allows paper absorb the wet drawing on both sides of the page!

Watercolor Album comes with Pocket, Large and A4 Page sizes.

Black Page Album

What about collages and photographs? Moleskine designers has given much thought for that purpose too and introduced Black Page Album. It comes with a heavy paper weight in order to offer a firm and elegant backdrop specifically for collages and photographs!


Evernote Sketchbook with Smart Stickers

Some items do not need review or explanation. This is one! Amazing Evernote experience is coming to Sketchbooks. Use smart stickers and your mobile phone; easily share your sketches, and upload it to your account and so on. New Evernote Sketchbook will be your the most imporant tool when being creative.

And the new collection includes Music Notebook, Storyboard Notebook and Sketchbook as being a Moleskine classic. They are all now coming with higher quality material. 

You can order your new Moleskine on Go for Cheaper of course! Check our site regularly for great prices and amazing Moleskine deals. And as always; do not forget to Go for Cheaper!


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4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano - This pen never lasts!

Pininfarina has announced the 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano at Paperworld Frankfurt 2014. This unique and  revolutionary writing instrument is designed with a Ethergraf tip which allows to write indefinitely with no ink and no refill.

4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano has a precise stroke like a pencil but it can't be erased like  a pen.

The 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano will be released alongside a notebook produced in stone paper, a water resistant paper made from stone powder.  It is rumored that the notebook will include original sketches of the concept car designed by Cambiano.

This stylish pen will also be for sale on Go for Cheaper! We are committed to provide high quality goods for you and this will be perfect fit for your collection.

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Journals Can be Special Too: An Interesting Present Idea

Finding the perfect present for our loved ones can be very time consuming. We all look for the right present, sometimes search online for hours to make a great surprise. Here is a unique idea from San Francisco. When it comes to journals, we all think of taking notes or planning our daily life however for those who love drawing it may become an idea of creating a very special present for the loved one. Carley, who came up with this idea, has used a Moleskine Travel Journal for this purpose. Her boyfriend loves to travel and she specifically gave this present for him to document his rock climbing adventures. 

Carley has had her friend Sveta partially illustrated the Moleskine Travel Journal and gave it to her boyfriend as a Valentine's Day Present. She says; "I cannot always be with him on his adventures, but I hope he will read me stories when he returns." 

What can be more special than a present to which a lot of thought and effort has been given? Smartphones and digital cameras are the common devices to document travels these days, however if you would like to enjoy the details and make your daily life more fun, journals can be your real friend. 

Take a look what Carley has done for her boyfriend:




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