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Journals Can be Special Too: An Interesting Present Idea

Finding the perfect present for our loved ones can be very time consuming. We all look for the right present, sometimes search online for hours to make a great surprise. Here is a unique idea from San Francisco. When it comes to journals, we all think of taking notes or planning our daily life however for those who love drawing it may become an idea of creating a very special present for the loved one. Carley, who came up with this idea, has used a Moleskine Travel Journal for this purpose. Her boyfriend loves to travel and she specifically gave this present for him to document his rock climbing adventures. 

Carley has had her friend Sveta partially illustrated the Moleskine Travel Journal and gave it to her boyfriend as a Valentine's Day Present. She says; "I cannot always be with him on his adventures, but I hope he will read me stories when he returns." 

What can be more special than a present to which a lot of thought and effort has been given? Smartphones and digital cameras are the common devices to document travels these days, however if you would like to enjoy the details and make your daily life more fun, journals can be your real friend. 

Take a look what Carley has done for her boyfriend:




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