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Moleskine Announced New Items for More Intense Art: Art Plus

Moleskine has announced its latest collection, Art Plus. The collection is offering us 25 different notebooks to choose from. It looks like we will spend longer hours with sketching and writing on these new lovely notebooks.

Notebooks in the collection are specifically classified according to the paper weight and absorbency. Most of the items in the collection have actually been there but they are now rebranded in order to emphasize the increased quality. In this post we will have a closer look to the collection. Let's see what is new!

Sketch Album

We are all fan of Moleskine Sketchbooks and Moleskine wanted to give us an option to frame easily our sketches with this new Sketch Album. There are 88 detachable pages. We can now frame and share our sketches easily than ever. The notebooks designed with a squared format and this allow our images to be Instagram-Ready! No cropping required at all!

Sketchbook and Japanese Album are now rebranded featuring paper that is pigmented directly in the pulp to guarantee color stability and resistance.

Watercolor Album

Moleskine has not forgot those who work with wetter materials of course! The new Watercolor album contains cotton and that allows paper absorb the wet drawing on both sides of the page!

Watercolor Album comes with Pocket, Large and A4 Page sizes.

Black Page Album

What about collages and photographs? Moleskine designers has given much thought for that purpose too and introduced Black Page Album. It comes with a heavy paper weight in order to offer a firm and elegant backdrop specifically for collages and photographs!


Evernote Sketchbook with Smart Stickers

Some items do not need review or explanation. This is one! Amazing Evernote experience is coming to Sketchbooks. Use smart stickers and your mobile phone; easily share your sketches, and upload it to your account and so on. New Evernote Sketchbook will be your the most imporant tool when being creative.

And the new collection includes Music Notebook, Storyboard Notebook and Sketchbook as being a Moleskine classic. They are all now coming with higher quality material. 

You can order your new Moleskine on Go for Cheaper of course! Check our site regularly for great prices and amazing Moleskine deals. And as always; do not forget to Go for Cheaper!


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