Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927 - 2014)


García Márquez, a native of Colombia, talks on the phone at his home in 1982. He is widely credited with helping to popularize the "magical realism" genre.

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, right, presents García Márquez with the Nobel Prize in Literature on December 10, 1982.

García Márquez poses for a portrait in Paris in 1990.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro speaks with García Márquez at the annual cigar festival in Havana in 2000. The author was a vocal leftist and defender of Castro's Cuba.

U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks with García Márquez at the IV International Congress of the Spanish Language in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2007. García Márquez was regularly denied visas by the United States until President Clinton, a fan of "Solitude," revoked the ban.

García Márquez waves out the window of a train in 2007 upon arriving in his hometown of Aracataca, Colombia.

García Márquez greets the media on his 87th birthday in Mexico city on March 6, 2014.

 Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.
--Gabriel Garcia Marquez

*Source: CNN