Whitelines Hardbound Lined Notebook


Brand: Whitelines

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Whitelines® is the new and innovative generation of writing paper. You can improve your reading and writing since there is no conflict between the lines and the pen. What you write down practically rises from the paper and becomes very clear. The principle is very straightforward but also very effective: on Whitelines® paper there are no dark interfering lines but instead . . . just white lines. Yes, it’s that simple: dark lines distract; white lines don’t.

By new thinkers, for new thoughts. Whitelines®, supporting your ideas.

Whitelines® Hard Bound Books are exclusive notebooks made to last. With a hard cover and pages stuck to the binding (no perforation), your ideas are safely stored. Orange ribbon bookmark attached.

The A4 size is approximately 8.5 x 12 inches, very similar to letter-size paper, only like a slightly taller twin

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