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Whitelines Perfect Bound Notebook


Brand: Whitelines

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Whitelines, an innovative concept that originated in Sweden, is pushing the standards for the notebook industry. The concept is simple: Dark lines distract, Whitelines don't. Instead of white paper with dark lines, Whitelines notebooks are comprised of paper with a light gray shaded background with white lines. The design of the paper allows your thoughts and ideas to stand off the page without fighting with the lines for attention, improving the readability of your writing. The toned background of the paper works to reduce glare making the unique design of the paper easier on the eyes. And not only is Whitelines working harder to support you and your ideas, but it is working harder to support the environment; the paper is processed and printed in a mill in the South of Sweden with zero carbon emissions. Bound in a classic, clean, Scandinavian style, the Perfect Bound line from Whitelines is a versatile option for all Notebook fanatics. Whether used in a professional setting to aid in your note-taking endeavors or thrown in your purse to jot down ideas and grocery lists, the soft, flexible design of the Perfect Bound line will be there to support you. Notebook includes Whitelines® patented paper for the greatest writing experience.

  • Flexible, clean binding increases durability
  • Soft cover with rounded edges in classic black
  • Inlay is lined to provide clean spacing for any lists/thoughts/ideas or sketches
  • When copied, scanned and faxed, the lines disappear leaving only your sketch or writing
  • A4 size is approximately 8.5 x 12 inches, comparable to the size of a standard letter
  • A5 size is approximately 6 x 8.5 inches
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